Faith at Work: A Workshop for Christian Leaders

rachel schneider speaking
rachel schneider speaking
Rachel C. Schneider

For many, work is the single largest time commitment in life—approximately 58% of their waking hours, according to RPLP research. Which leads RPLP researchers to wonder: How are Christians experiencing work? How do Christians practice their faith at work?  What challenges and opportunities do people of faith encounter in their workplace? How can religious leaders more effectively minister to and support workers?

On March 28, Boniuk Institute’s Religion and Public Life Program hosted a workshop based on original research from their “Faith at Work: An Empirical Study” project, funded by The Lilly Endowment.   This workshop provided Houston-area pastors and ministry leaders with insight from national survey data and interviews on how Christians navigate their faith in the workplace.

Based on their research findings, RPLP Director Rachel Schneider, RPLP postdoctoral fellow Kerby Goff, and Boniuk Institute Director Elaine Howard Ecklund discussed ways in which Christians are experiencing work and connecting it to their faith, ways in which Christians practice their faith at work and see work as a calling, and how Christian religious leaders address the intersection of faith and work in their congregations.