Ecklund Speaks at 2024 Ethics and Compliance Symposium

ecklund presenting

ecklund presentingOn May 23rd Boniuk Institute Director Elaine Howard Ecklund took part in Rice University’s second annual Ethics and Compliance Symposium put on by the Ethics, Compliance and Enterprise Risk program.

Ecklund presented on the topic “Ethical Ambiguity in Science.” The presentation drew from a decade of research across three studies conducted through the Religion and Public Life Program and Boniuk Institute on religion and ethics among scientists worldwide. Ecklund argued that the common framework for thinking about misconduct in science as limited to fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism is too narrow. Drawing from survey and interview data, Ecklund finds that scientists are also concerned with other types of misconduct such as the misuse of research funds, improper allocation of credit, overhyping research results, and exploitation of subordinates. She concluded by discussing how formal ethics and misconduct training is needed but should also be provided alongside informal training and guidance by mentors and advisor, especially for graduate students.

Other speakers in the symposium include Provost Amy Dittmar, Luis Campos, and Jacqueline Couti.