COVID-19 Resources

Adapting Faith & Worldview Gatherings

Spirituality is a sources of meaning and hope for many. Below are resources to help faith and philosophical communities to engage safely during COVID-19.

Engaging Interfaith Leadership

Finding ways to work together across lines of difference towards common causes is a central tenet of interfaith work. Here are some resources from Boniuk Institute partner Interfaith Youth Corps that you can use to translate your interfaith efforts into a virtual space.

Combating Extremism

Racial and religious minorities have been scapegoated for the spread of COVID-19. Understand what's happening and what you can do about it.

Caring for Self & Others

In times of distress, we may experience anxiety and depression. Many faith and philosophical traditions encourage care for the mental well being of oneself and others. The following resources for individuals, families and parents may be of interest.

Self-Care and Mental Well Being Resources

Positive and Healthy Parenting in the Time of COVID-19

Helping Those in Need

Most religious and secular worldviews encourage caring for the vulnerable and marginalized. Below are donation and volunteer opportunities to help fight COVID-19.