Gayle Pagnoni

Gayle Lasater Pagnoni holds a doctoral degree in religion, a Master's degree in Latin American and Caribbean studies (emphasizing sociology), and undergraduate degrees in anthropology and international relations. She specializes in religion in the Americas, and race/ethnicity, immigration, globalization, and the environment. Her focus is on the Abrahamic traditions, Christian diversity and new religious movements, including a uniquely American variety—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Throughout her career in higher and secondary education, Gayle’s work has featured the religions of the marginalized and oppressed in the social history of the Americas, and their various causes for social justice, liberation, pluralism, and peace. In 2016, Gayle joined the Institute as Program Director for K-12 religious literacy education, research, and engagement. Bridging tertiary and secondary spheres of education, her current work provides religious literacy curricular resources and professional development for educators.