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  • Human Trafficking

    Volunteer to Combat Human Trafficking

    Raise awareness of human trafficking with Boniuk Institute partner YMCA Houston.

  • Interfaith Youth Leadership

    Investing in Interfaith Leadership

    Institute staff work with students to enhance their interfaith leadership skills through conferences, events and training.

  • Boniuk Council

    The Boniuk Council

    Affiliated with Boniuk Institute, the Boniuk Student Council hosts events such as Interfaith Week and Unity Banquet, delivers interfaith literacy training and organizes service projects throughout the year.  

  • Camps Resources

    Campus-Based Resources

    The Institute works with other on-campus organizations to serve as resources for Rice community members of all faiths and no faith.

  • Feed the Homeless

    Volunteer to Help the Homeless

    Boniuk Institute supports efforts to feed Houston area homeless.  Volunteer and make a difference in your community.

  • Rice Volunteers

    Doing Good Deeds

    On April 6th, Rice University students gathered for the Mitzvah Marathon to do a good deed and make a difference in their community.  Among others, volunteer opportunities supported refugees, the environment, the homeless and their peers.

  • Refugee Children

    Volunteer to Help Refugees

    Assist Houston-area refugees by volunteering with one of Boniuk Institute's community partners.

  • Muslim Women Praying

    Advancing Religious Accommodation

    Boniuk Institute staff and Council members worked to create the first-ever meditation and Muslim prayer space on the Rice University campus.

  • Lend a Hand

    Volunteer with One of Our Community Partners

    Volunteer with Boniuk Institute community partners on projects such as a collection campaigns, arts therapy programs for refugees and repairing and distributing bicycles to those in need.