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  • Sacred Sites Quest 2 (2011-2012)

    For their capstone art project for Sacred Sites Quest 2, the students created a set of murals—four panels that were installed and dedicated at the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston in a festive ceremony on March 3, 2012. 

    Panel 1: Face of Humanity
    The world does not consist of only one culture, race or religion. People do not all practice the same traditions, eat the same food or dress the same way. However, we are all human; and despite our differences, we are all brothers and sisters. The “Face of Humanity” is a representation of the world’s great diversity. Aspects of many people, countries and faiths color this mural, showing a world continuing to grow and change. Education and knowledge play a predominant role in both the mural and, we believe, the road to a tolerant society. The face is a mosaic of shades celebrating the diversity of the world’s people. Said to be the windows to the soul, the eyes are composed of many smaller eyes to ensure that the “Face of Humanity” and the society it represents consider multiple opinions and viewpoints. We hope that all who see this mural take a moment to contemplate what a religiously and culturally tolerant world means to them.

    Panel 2: Garden of the Diverse
    Just as one would find mangos in India and strawberries in America, the World is made up of many different people from many different places. In the “Garden of the Diverse,” barriers of distance and environment disappear. Here, a lotus flower blooms beside an oak tree, just as someone of one faith can live in peace with someone of another. Much like the natural world, where one organism is reliant on the next, the “Garden of the Diverse” embodies a symbiotic future where cooperation and tolerance govern our interactions with each other. We must remember that we are all standing on the same ground; and we must respect our differences for the world to thrive and flourish.

    Panel 3: Unity in Diversity
    “Unity in Diversity” showcases a future in which stereotypes are challenged and bridges are built. It depicts a world where people of all faiths and cultures come to see that a picture is only half the story, and thus choose to invest in getting to know one another. When relationships and bonds are formed, people are more likely to care what happens to others, no matter if they live next door or on the other side of the world. These ties not only help to make the world more peaceful, but they also enrich the lives of citizens around the globe. If we just take the time and effort to understand each other better, the world can become a place that all are proud and free to call home.

    Panel 4: Coexist
    The journey toward cultural and religious tolerance is not easy. Achieving peaceful coexistence is a continuing struggle that will change and evolve as the world and its citizens do. “Coexist” symbolizes the realities of the world today and what must happen to realize a more tolerant tomorrow. Even in its creation, this mural required different people and ultimately different halves of the design to come together. It required merging ideas that were “worlds apart” to create a unified end product. To do this, the artists had to respect each other’s views and opinions, understanding that they had to compromise in order to create a cohesive design. The result is a beautiful mural that can inspire others to work together as well. We believe that such cooperation and mutual respect are the keys to creating a more tolerant, peaceful future.