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 Practice Tolerance

On your block..

  • Organize a neighborhood play group that celebrates cultural diversity! Hold themed cultural days where the kids can learn about diversity through games, books, songs, dances, traditional foods, and even parent volunteers who want to share their cultural backgrounds.
  • Have a block party and get to know your neighbors!  Have everyone bring a sample of their cultural background - food, drinks, music, or art - to the party for everyone to enjoy and discuss.
  • Start a game group within the community! Play different traditional games (for example, Mahjong, Dreidel, or Mancala) in which you play different traditional games while rotating from house to house; or pick one game, traditional or not, and use the gathering as a forum to get to know your neighbors and their cultural backgrounds.
  • Have monthly or weekly pot-luck dinners with your neighbors! Everyone brings a traditional cultural dish, and talks about their cultural and religious backgrounds over dinner.
  • Start a cultural book club! Read books from around the world involving different cultures, ethnicities, and religions, and discuss when everyone has read the book.
In your home...
  • Take your family to different ethnic restaurants and teach your kids something new about that culture by the end of each meal.
  • Take your family to the different museums in your city – the local Holocaust museum, international art exhibits, multicultural museums, etc.
  • Make a connection with a neighbor of a different religion or cultural background and invite them to dinner! Or, ask them to teach you how to cook a traditional meal from their culture.
  • Invite your neighbors over for a dinner to celebrate a religious holiday - Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, Diwali - and share with them your traditions and customs, and their meaning to you and your religion. Rotate houses and holidays throughout the year!
  • Invite friends and neighbors of other faiths to your place of worship! Share with them the traditions that are important to you, and allow them to experience your religion for themselves.

In your community...

  • Have your local newspaper or magazine publish weekly articles profiling families in your community of varied cultural backgrounds. Include explanations, history, and traditions of that specific culture.
  • Have a multicultural page attached to the community website profiling different ethnicities and religions found throughout your community. This page can also be used to advertise different events designed to bring people together and expose them to new traditions.
  • Invite speakers from the local religious and ethnic organizations to speak in your community hall. Finish off the event with a cultural celebration for everyone to enjoy!
  • Hold cultural fairs at different religious establishments, celebrating different cultures, religions, and traditions. Hold the fairs at any or all of the local churches, synagogues, Buddhist temple, mosques, etc. with all different religions having the chance to host the fair.
  • Support ethnic businesses in your community- frequent the restaurants, grocery stores, etc. and get to know the owners.

In your school...

  • Get a group of parents or students together to hold a cultural activity or fair at the local elementary, middle, and high schools! Encourage your neighbors of different backgrounds and local religious organizations to participate and add to the event.
  • Organize a diversity parade! Have the school children from all the local schools get involved by helping to build floats, put on performances, and set up decorations all designed to help educate about cultural and religious diversity.
  • Organize a community multicultural organization or club! This group could be responsible for overseeing different educational and social events that can serve as forums for discussion and sharing about different cultures and religions.