5 Year Report

With 84% of people globally identifying with a religion, there is significant religious diversity in America and abroad.  Yet Americans know little about global religions.  Growing numbers stereotype, discriminate against, or commit violence against others different from them.  As of 2018, over 80% of hate crimes worldwide are committed against religious and racial minorities.  Schools, houses of worship,and people have been attacked, with hateful ideas and actions spreading in schools, media, and public fora in many countries.  Global citizens must be educated about world religions to foster sustainable and just civil societies.

To counter these insidious, violent trends and to foster understanding and respect, Boniuk Institute researches forces driving hate and bias and promotes religious literacy and tolerance among people of all worldviews through education, leadership training, and the arts. 

This is a review of the work of the Boniuk Institute from the years 2015-2020.