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  • Islamic Feminism in Kuwait

    Gonzalez and Ecklund

    On April 22, Alessandra González, a Rice alumna, spoke to a crowd of fifty on the topic of Islamic Feminism in Kuwait. Drawing from her book, Islamic Feminism in Kuwait: The Politics and Paradoxes, she discussed the relationship between tolerance, Islam, and gender.
  • 2014 Research Grants Awarded 

    Small Grants Snipit

    In May 2014, the Boniuk Institute awarded five small grants to seed projects that will investigate religious tolerance from various disciplinary perspectives. Funding will conclude in June 2015 and updates will be posted online soon thereafter.

  • Christianity, Sex, and Politics: An American History

    Griffith Snipit

    On April 11th, the Boniuk Institute hosted a talk with Marie Griffith, the John C. Danforth Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at Washington University and director of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. Griffith spoke on one of the most divisive issues in Christianity and American politics: sexuality.
  • The Challenges of Religious Tolerance in America and Globally

    The Directors and the Panelists

    The Boniuk Institute’s hallmark spring event on April 10th brought together three prestigious scholars from three distinct disciplinary perspectives to discuss the challenges of religious tolerance. 

  • Houston as a laboratory

    Houston Skyline

    The city of Houston will serve as a local laboratory for much of our research. The demographics of Houston make it an excellent context for examining issues of religious diversity and creating models of religious tolerance that can be implemented more broadly.

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  • A Course for the Houston Community

    Glasscock Course

    The Boniuk Institute will co-sponsor a course in the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.  Boniuk Institute Directors will co-teach the course  Religious Diversity and Understanding in Today’s World.

  • IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond


    The Boniuk Institute announces a new course for Fall 2014 that will explore religious tolerance within various religious traditions. IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond (RELI214) will explore different historical religions and the models of inclusivity and pluralism that these religions have promoted.  The course will explore the dialogue of religious tolerance and the need to move to religious pluralism in a global community.

  • Peaceful Coexistence in Africa

    Professor Mbaku

    On March 28th, the Boniuk Institute hosted Professor John Mukum Mbaku from Weber State University to host a lecture on religious conflicts within Africa. His lecture focused on the institutional mechanisms necessary to bring about peaceful coexistence between different religious groups in the African continent.

  • Islam 101: A Student-Taught Course

    After-Class Discussion

    Rice University undergraduate Zaid Bilgrami led an student-taught course during the Spring 2014 semester titled “Islam 101: The American Muslim.” The course explored main tenets and beliefs of Islam, common ways these beliefs and tenets are practiced in the United States, and Islam’s role in prominent global issues.
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  • Current Engagement Opportunities for...

  • Embracing Tolerance Essay Contest Essay Video

    The aim of the Embracing Tolerance Essay Contest is to help students improve religious literacy, build mutual understanding, and develop interfaith collaboration with and among their peers. We invite students from all faith traditions and spiritual and secular communities to speak their minds and share their visions for a religiously tolerant world in the 21st century.

  • Gandhi, MLK, and Interfaith Cooperation

    King and Heschel Snipit

    Productive pluralistic engagement was exemplified by the collaborative efforts of faith groups and their leaders in the American Civil Rights movement during the 1950s and 60s. In addition to well-known black clergymen such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., many other diverse religious leaders and traditions made the Civil Rights movement truly interfaith.

  • Engaging Through Service: SSQ4 Media Coverage

    FreemansTownLabyrinth_Credit Alex Barber

    For the 4th annual Sacred Sites Quest, SSQ partnered with the community to create the Freedmen's Town Labyrinth. Read about the recent media coverage that this fruitful collaboration yielded.

  • Enter Faith Workshop Series Breaks New Ground

    Round Table Discussion

    Led by Cristal C. Truscott, the Enter Faith Workshop Series met for six sessions this past spring to use story circles, dialogue, and arts-inspired techniques as tools for deepening interfaith conversations and relationships and developing religious and interfaith literacy.

  • Introducing the Boniuk Council


    The Boniuk Council is composed of undergraduate students at Rice who act as a liaison between the Institute and the student body.