Rice University

The Boniuk Center

  • A National Survey on Religious Tolerance


    Director Elaine Howard Ecklund will initiate the most comprehensive survey to date that assesses current and evolving attitudes toward religious tolerance within and among faith and secular communities in the United States. 

  • Houston as a laboratory

    Houston Skyline

    The city of Houston will serve as a local laboratory for much of our research. The demographics of Houston make it an excellent context for examining issues of religious diversity and creating models of religious tolerance that can be implemented more broadly.

  • EducateA
  • Military Chaplaincy and Religious Reconciliation¬†


    Navy Chaplain William Hood served in Iraq and the Horn of Africa, where he helped his commanders understand the effects of religion on the military model development, diplomacy, and defense. Presenting various anecdotal cases, Hood showed how tolerance and understanding can impact the relationships and stability of different communities.

  • IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond


    The Boniuk Institute announces a new course for Fall 2014 that will explore religious tolerance within various religious traditions. IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond (RELI214) will explore different historical religions and the models of inclusivity and pluralism that these religions have promoted.  The course will explore the dialogue of religious tolerance and the need to move to religious pluralism in a global community.

  • EngageA
  • Introducing the Boniuk Council


    The Boniuk Council is composed of undergraduate students at Rice who act as a liaison between the Institute and the student body.

  • The Practicalities of Peacebuilding


    The Boniuk Institute brought fifteen Houston community members together on November 5, 2013 for a reception with Scott Appleby to discuss the practical considerations involved in building religious tolerance and peace.