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  • Communities of the Qur'an

    Quran Conference Snipit

    The Communities of the Qur’an conference brings together eminent scholars and practitioners of various Islamic traditions to discuss and deliberate each traditions' respective interpretations of Qur'anic verses.

  • Judeo-Christian Morality?

    Creation of Adam

    On February 12th, 2016, the Rice History department and the Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance hosted a talk with Joel Sebban, a PhD student of Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, France, and a Visiting Scholar and Arthur Sachs Fellow at Harvard University. Sebban is writing a dissertation on the concept of a “Judeo-Christian morality” in European and American thought.

  • Toleration and Democracy


    Famed philosopher Rainer Forst, a professor in political theory at the Goethe University of Frankfurt in Germany, visited Rice to give a talk on November 5th concerning problems of toleration. Forst differentiated between several conceptions of tolerance, and made suggestions on how best to move forward to achieve a tolerant society.

  • Students Engage Rainer Forst on Issues of Toleration

    Forst 1

    On November 5th, a diverse group of Rice undergraduates participated in an interactive discussion with Professor Rainer Forst, famed Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. The group included two students from the Boniuk Council, six students from the new Politics, Law, and Social Thought program, Dr. Christian J. Emden, and Dr. Zahra N. Jamal. 

  • Losing Our Religion? Religious Diversity in a Secular Era


    On October 16, renowned sociologist Jose Casanova of the Berkley Center's Program on Globalization, Religion and the Secular at Georgetown University spoke about his research on current global trends of diversity and secularization to a crowd of faculty, graduate students, and members of the public. 

  • Shining New Light on The Star of Redemption

    Erlewine Snipit

    On September 29, Robert Erlewine presented his analysis of the work of German-Jewish thinker Franz Rosenzweig, author of The Star of Redemption (1921). Through his examination of Rosenzweig’s attitudes toward Christianity and Islam, Erlewine explored the representation of the Abrahamic religions in modern Jewish thought.

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  • A Conversation with Dr. Larycia Hawkins

    Larycia Hawkins

    Rice alumna Larycia Hawkins ‘94, associate professor of political science at Wheaton College, visited campus on January 26 to speak during a private gathering with members of the Boniuk Council.

  • Religion and Sexuality: An Undergraduate Discussion on Intersectionality


    The Boniuk Council, a student-led organization at Rice University that seeks to foster interfaith dialogue and understanding on campus, held a panel event on November 16 entitled “Religion and Sexuality.” Rice undergraduates came together to hear their peers speak about their experiences reconciling sexuality and religious identity.

  • Hooray for Havurahs: Seniors Study Sundays

    Mr. and Mrs. Sklar

    On November 22, 2015, eighteen senior havurah members of Congregation Brith Shalom met at the home of Fred Sklar for a presentation by Associate Director Dr. Zahra Jamal about the history and activities of the Boniuk Institute. 

  • Hinduism and Holistic Healing

    Hinduism Snipit

    Institute for Spirituality and Health program manager Cyrus Wirls has led an initiative for a seminar series that features health perspectives from speakers of various backgrounds: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism. The series continued on October 27, when Dr. Sarath Menon-Chembottil and Dr. Harish Chandra spoke on their experiences with Hinduism and its relation to health practices.

  • Shi’i Values Underscore Efforts of Aga Khan IV and His Institutions

    Panelists with Dr. Zahra Jamal

    The Boniuk Institute recently co-hosted a discussion with the Aga Khan Council for the Southwestern United Statesheld at The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Farhad Daftary and Dr. Gurdofarid Miskinzoda, two scholars from the Institute of Ismaili Studies, a research and educational institution in London founded by the Aga Khan, participated in a discussion moderated by the Boniuk Institute’s Dr. Zahra Jamal.

  • Wrestling Brothers: Religion and Science at War?

    Wrestling Brothers Snipit

    In September and October, the Boniuk Institute co-sponsored three talks with Bruce Yaeger, who seeks to dispel the image of religion and science as being "at war" based on historical data. For Yaeger, the relationship between religion and science is less an existential war between two opposing worldviews, and more a dialogue between two different ways of looking at the universe.

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  • Exciting Youth Opportunity: Share Your Story! Get Published!

    Chicken Soup Campus Chronicles

    Rice University’s Boniuk Institute is assisting Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Boniuk Foundation to invite high school and college students to tell your true tales! Write about your lives inside and outside of school. If your story is published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, you will also receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of the book. 

  • Faith and Grief

    Faith and Grief Snipit

    On Sunday, February 7th, the Boniuk Institute and St. Phillip’s Presbyterian Church co-hosted a talk entitled “Faith and Grief” with Reverend Dr. Fran Shelton, who spoke on the intersection of faith and grief in Christian life.

  • Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Promotes Restoration Around the World

    Dr. William Recant

    Will Recant, the Assistant Vice President of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-International Development Program, spoke at an event on January 14th co-hosted by the Boniuk Institute at Congregation Emanu El. Recant discussed the work he and his organization are doing around the world to respond not only to the needs of the world Jewish community, but those of the larger global community as well.

  • Rice Boniuk Council Hosts Vigil for Victims of Terror

    Vigil Snipit

    On November 15, the student-led Boniuk Council organized a candlelight vigil in the wake of horrific attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad. Student organizers invited peers and other campus personnel to stand in solidarity with the victims of these attacks, sending thoughts, prayers, love, and hope to all those around the world affected by violence at home and abroad in recent weeks.
  •  The Rose Ensemble Displays Religious Harmony of Medieval Music

    Rose Ensemble Snipit

    The Rose Ensemble performed in conjunction with the Bellaire High School choir on October 18 at St. Philip’s Presbyterian Church. The concert included a series of pieces from the convivencia (a period of Spanish history marked by peaceful coexistence of the Abrahamic faiths) that engage Christian, Jewish, and Muslim themes in medieval Spanish, Judeo-Spanish (also known as Ladino), and Arabic.

  • Islamic Art Exhibition Brings Community Together

    Juried Art Exhibit Snipit

    In partnership with the Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) and the LuminArté Gallery, the Boniuk Institute co-sponsored the 4th Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art, which ran from September 26th through October 31st in Dallas, Texas.

  • Enter Faith Workshops Explore Religious Diversity Through Stories

    Dr. Truscott

    For five weeks in August and September 2015, Rice’s Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance hosted Professor Cristal Chanelle Truscott’s Enter Faith Workshop Series, where participants explore religious diversity using story circle methodology and arts-inspired techniques.

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